Episode 5

The paradox of silence and nature

In this episode, we explore the paradox of silence in nature. Nature is never still or silent, and yet it enables stillness and silence in us. Why is that?

Timestamps to key points

[01:08] - The nature of manmade sounds

[02:30] - The soundscapes of places

[05:18] - Nature's ability to create stillness and silence within us

[05:33] - Gordon Hempton's work on silence and jukebox quote

[06:30] - How is human noise affecting nature?

[09:00] - Recognition of the restorative power of nature

[09:25] - Sounds and silence in nature

[10:30] - Experience the silent scape of nature

[11:04] - Silence, stillness, spaciousness and oneness in nature

[12:20] - The restorative effects of sitting silently in nature

[14:00] - Thich Nhat Hahn silence quote

Resources/further reading

  • Gordon Hempton’s website: https://www.soundtracker.com/ 
  • How human noise affects ocean habitats (TEDx CERN talk by Kate Stafford): https://www.ted.com/talks/kate_stafford_how_human_noise_affects_ocean_habitats#t-546717

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