Episode 2

What is your relationship to silence?

In this episode, we explore your relationship to silence and ask why many people are afraid of silence? (If you need more time to reflect after any question, pause the podcast for a moment or two.)

Timestamps to key points

  • [01:48] - A working definition of silence
  • [02:26] - Guided reflection questions begin
  • [03:43] - What the research indicates about studying with music on
  • [06:53] - Is your choice of silence or background noise a conscious one?
  • [08:42] - Blaise Pascal: "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone"
  • [09:15] - Your challenge if you choose to accept
  • [10:22] - The challenges that crop up when sitting silently
  • [12:30] - The fear of silence
  • [13:00] - The importance of inner silence

Key points

  • Have you examined your relationship to silence? 
  • Reflect on your relationship to silence while being guided with reflective questions
  • Music has been shown to have mixed effects on studying
  • Much background noise is automatic rather than consciously chosen> Are you making conscious choices about your soundscapes?
  • Why do most people resist sitting alone silently? Do you?
  • The importance of inner silence

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In upcoming episodes, we’ll explore the power of silence, the paradox of silence and nature, and ways to make more use of silence.

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